Selecta one FlowerTrials® presentation 2017 again at two locations

Posted On 18 May 2017
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MF Double PinkMania! (1)SUTTGART, Germany: Like last year Selecta one will be present at two locations during the FlowerTrials®. More than 500 Selecta varieties are presented in baskets and window boxes in the show garden at the premises of Christian Filla in Straelen. The adjacent hall hosts special marketing presentations and different product types. The FlowerTrials® presentation of Selecta Holland takes place in the main building of the FloraHolland in Honselersdijk in the Westland area. In the upper floors a representative selection of the Selecta assortment will be shown.

Highlights of the FlowerTrials® presentation by Selecta one:

Pelargonium Moonlight® Tumbao

Moonlight® Tumbao presents hot red on a dark background. This novelty is a vigorous Pelargonium zonal with very dark foliage and a strong zone; with fiery flowers exploding above. An unprecedented composition. Tumbao is a rhythm from Cuba, and this unique Pelargonium appears exactly like this. It brings the positive attitude of the Caribbean on every balcony and patio.

Pelargonium Sunrise® Smokey Eye™ Pink und Smokey Eye™ White

Smokey Eye™ are two new Pelargonium varieties with a very strong eye which have been added to the green leaved line Sunrise®. The varieties in white and pink with a strong contrast are eye-catching. They are well-suited for the production of pot sizes 12 to 16 cm. Smokey Eye™ White and Smokey Eye™ Pink are early flowering with an upright, medium growth habit. Smokey Eye™ varieties are a real alternative to other Pelargonium varieties with strong eyes (Americana).

Petunia NightSky® and BabyDoll®

NightSky® is exceptional and extraordinary. The colour pattern of NightSky® is worldwide unique and has been awarded with the FleuroStar 2015. The flowers in dark violet with white spots seem like a beautiful starry sky. A pattern that is worthy of the name NightSky®.

The new variety BabyDoll® is another Petunia sensation with a unique colour pattern. The flowers in pink with white spots are rich in contrast and convince from near and far. The uniqueness of the variety is also revealed in the high weather resistance and semi-trailing growth habit in combination with a stable colour pattern and a great shelf life. BabyDoll® is the variety for all those who want something special.

Calibrachoa MiniFamous® Double PinkMania!

The double-flowering variety MiniFamous® Double PinkMania!, which recently received the Fleuroselect gold medal 2018, stands out due to an excellence summer performance. The strong root system and the stable pink colour make the early flowering Calibrachoa a real flower wonder. MiniFamous® Double PinkMania! is suited for a production in pots and baskets.

Serengeti® Grasses

Serengeti® Grasses is a new marketing concept to promote grasses. Several grasses of the Selecta assortment were chosen and rebranded to represent the graceful beauty of the Serengeti grassland in domestic gardens and on terraces. And they have another advantage: grasses like Pennisetum, Carex or Imperata are especially climate-friendly. They belong to the group of so called C4 plants, meaning they are absorbing a high amount of carbon dioxide. Hence, the concept Serengeti® grasses has its finger on the pulse of the times and is well suited to present topics like environmental protection and animal welfare at the POS.

AlpenGärtner® Concept

The concept AlpenGärtner® (Alps gardener) by Selecta offers the retail trade assistance to charge the trend topic “homeland” emotionally and to market plants with added value. Holiday feelings can be transported by combining plants that belong to the Alpine regions with appealing pictures, i.e. emotions are sold. The AlpenGärtner® programme includes Pelargonium, Petunia, Gaura, Dahlia, Gentiana, Echinacea, Dianthus, Argyranthemum and several grasses.

Consumer campaign „Pink Kisses® – as beautiful as our friendship

Pink Kisses® is best-selling in the Selecta assortment. Selecta one is going one decisive step further marketing its successful pot carnation Pink Kisses®: Starting April 2017 the carnation breeding specialist is launching a communication campaign directly aimed at the end-consumer. Using the sales potential of the low-maintenance mini carnation with its extraordinary colouring to its optimum, the campaign is directed at young women’s affinity to the colour pink and placing importance on the emotional subject of friendship. The focus of this campaign with the slogan “Pink Kisses® – as beautiful as our friendship” is a social media photo competition, communicated and supported through target group orientated media partners, blogs and influencers.

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