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FloraCulture International is an independent international trade magazine gifted to the floral industry by Royal FloraHolland.

Royal FloraHolland has been the publisher of the independent FCI trade magazine since the end of 2015. Publishing this global magazine is a clear expression of the international ambitions harboured by the cooperative. Royal FloraHolland connects, shares, facilitates, and innovates, and by doing so supports the success of its members and their customers. Our ultimate objective is to make the international floriculture sector thrive. FloraCulture International contributes to this objective in its own way. FCI shares knowledge, offers inspiration, and reinforces the special and necessary cooperation in the floriculture sector by connecting people, markets, continents and cultures, in its topics and stories because we believe this will make us all bloom.

FCI Team:
Katja Bouwmeester, Editor in chief
Piet Kralt, Interim editor
Angie Duffree, Traffic & sales
Fred van Tol, International account management team manager
Trees Willemse, Key account manager

January - February 2018 - Sustainability


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FCI magazine published 6x per year,
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Each issue of FCI will focus on a particular theme. We will also look at a continent, spotlight what’s happening in a specific country and report on how that is effecting the whole sector. In keeping with all the new ideas we also want to ensure we have a controlled circulation, so that we know who reads our magazine, what part of the horticulture sector they are in, what their interests are etc. We need to know this so we can bring you in-depth articles, reports and features pertaining to your interests. FCI magazine is a gift from Royal FloraHolland to the ornamental sector!

Disclamer: ‘The requested information is purely for controlled circulation purposes. FCI does not sell, rent, or lease our subscription lists to third parties, and we will not provide your personal information to any third party individual, government agency or company at any time unless compelled to do so by law.


FloraCulture International Partners


FCI encourages the pursuit of joint activities in areas of mutual interest with national, and international societies, and organisations. Agreements have been reached between FCI and leading growers and trade associations in 32 countries. FCI is proud to announce the cooperation with the following associations:


AFE , the American Floral Endowment. www.endowment.org
AFIF,  Association of Floral Importers of Florida. www.afifnet.org
AGEXPORT, the Guatemalan Exporters Association.www.export.com.gt
AGREXCO/CARMEL, Israel’s foremost agricultural exporter. www.agrexco.co.il
AIPH, Association Internationale des Producteurs de l’Horticulture. www.aiph.org
AMERICANHORT, association of floriculture professionals. www.americanhort.org
ANGROFLORA, the Italian board for flower and plant wholesalers.www.angroflora.it
ANTHOS, the royal Dutch trade association for nursery stock and flower bulbs. www.anthos.nl
ANVE, Associazione Nazionale Vivaisti Esportatori, Italy’s national association for nurserystock exporters.  www.anve.it
ARAVA, company exporting fresh Israeli produce worldwide.
ASBINDO, the Indonesian Flower Association. www.asbindo.org
ASCFG, the association of specialty cut flowers growers. www. ascfg.org
ASFPLANT, Asociación de Flores, Plantas y Technologia Horticola de la Comunidad Valenciana, trade association representing the flowers, plants and horti technology industry of Valencia, Spain. www.asfplant.com
ASOCAN, Asociación de Cosecheros y Exportadores Flores y Plantsas Vivas de Canarias, the Canaries export organization for flowers and plants. www.asocan.net
ASOCOLFLORES, the Colombian association of flower exporters. www.asocolflores.org
AVAG, Dutch trade association that represents the interests of  contractors and fitters in glasshouse horticulture. www.avag.nl
AVBS, the Belgian board for ornamental growers, florists and landscapers. www.avbs.be
BELBEX, trade association of exporting tree and hardy nursery stock growers. www.belbex.be
BFA, the British Florist Association. www.britishfloristassociation.org
BGI, the German wholesale and import organization. www.bgi.ev.com
Blooming Breeders, trade association which helps the Netherlands plant breeding industry maintain its global competitive advantage. www.bloomingbreeders.nl
BRO, BLOMSTERBRANSCHENS RIKSORGANISATION, Swedish florist association. rp@semera.se
CIOPORA, the International community of breeders of asexually reproduced ornamental and fruit varieties. www.ciopora.org
CHINA INTEX SHANGHAI, Shanghai-based trade show organiser. www.intex-sh.com
CHA, the Commercial Horticultural Association in the UK.www.cha-hort.com
CNLA, the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association. www.canadanursery.com
DSZTT, Hungarian Professional Ornamental Plant Growers and Commodity Board.
EHPEA, Ethiopian Horticulture Producers and Exporters Association.www.ehpea.org.et
EXPOFLORES, the Ecuadorian association of flower exporters. www.expoflores.org
FAQI, the Flower Association of Queensland Inc. www.flowersqueensland.asn.au
FITA, the Flower Import Trade Association of the UK. www.fita-uk.com
FLEUROSELECT,  the international organization for the ornamental plants industry. www.fleuroselect.com
FLOWER TRIALS, annual open days of the ornamental plants industry. www.flowertrials.com
Floradania, the Danish growers association, www.floradania-org.dk
FLORA HUNGARIA, the largest wholesale flower market in Central and Eastern Europe. www.florahungaria.hu
FLORINT, the international florist organisation. www.florint.org


FLOWER AND CENTS,  US-based website for the latest news on floriculture. www.flowerandcents.org
FLOWERS AND PLANTS ASSOCIATION, promotion organisation for cut flowers and indoor plants in the UK. www.flowers.org.uk
FLOWERS VICTORIA, representative body for the Victorian flower growers, who are the largest producers of cut flowers in Australia. www.flowersvic.org.au
GOYANG INT. FLOWER FOUNDATION, http://www.flowerbiz.or.kr/main/main.php
HEPMEA, the Hellenic Plant Material Exporters Association
HBAG, the Dutch board for flower wholesalers. www.hbag.nl
HOLAMBRA, the main center for commercialisation of flowers and plants in Brazil. www.veiling.com.br
IBRAFLOR, Instituto Brasileiro de Floricultura, the Brazilian institute for floriculture. www.ibraflor.com
ICOGO, the international commercial orchid growers organisation. www.icogo.org
IBMA, the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association. www.ibma.ch
IGCA, the International Garden Centre Association. www.intgardencentre.org
IPA, the international Protea Association. www.ip-protea.org
IPPS, the international plant propagator’s society. www.ipps.org
ISF, the International Seed Federation. www.worldseed.org
JACFOP, the Jordanian association for cut flowers and ornamental plants. www.jacfop.com
JFTA, Japan Flower Trade Association.
JFPEA, the Japans Flowers and Plants Export Association. www.jfpea.jp
KAVB, the royal general association of the Dutch bulb industry. www.kavb.nl
KISAN, Pune-based even organiser and renowned publisher from India. www.kisan.in
KENYA FLOWER COUNCIL www.kenyaflowercouncil.org
KNOP, the association of Dutch orchid producers. www.knopdigitaal.nl
MFA, the Michigan Floral Association. www.michiganfloral.org
NAFWA, the North American Flower Bulbs Wholesalers Association. www.nafwa.com
NEW ZEALAND CALLA COUNCIL www.callacouncil.org.nz
NZEGO, New Zealand Export Growers Orchid Association. www.nzego.com
NFGA, Northern Flower Growers Association New Zealand. www.nfga.co.nz
ORCHID GROWERS OF HAWAII. www.hawaiiorchidgrowers.org
PIA, Plantscape Industry Alliance. www.piagrows.org
PLANTUM, the Dutch association for the plant reproduction material sector.  www.plantum.nl
PMA Produce Marketing Association www.pma.com
PCA, Protected Cropping Australia. www.protectedcroppingaustralia.com
SAF Society of American Florists. www.safnow.org
TAHA,  the Tanzania Horticultural Association.  www.tanzaniahorticulture.com
TERMINAL FLOWER GREECE, an online meeting place for Greek nursery men, green contractors, engineering firms and lanscapers. www.terminalflower.com
TOGA, the Taiwan Orchid Grower Association. www.toga.org.tw
UFEA, the Uganda Flower Exporters Association.www.ufea.co.ug
UFGF, the Union of Flower Growers and Florists of the Czech Republic. www.ufgf.org
UNION FLEURS, the international organization of flower and plant wholesalers. www.unionfleurs.com
WFFSA, the US Wholesale Florist & Florist Supply Association. www.wffsa.org
WILDFLOWERS AUSTRALIA LTD, association to enhance to the profitability and viability of the Australian grown wildflower industry. www.wildflowersaustralia.com.au
ZSZP, the Polish Nurserymen Association. www.zszp.pl




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