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Posted On 25 Feb 2017
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Sorbet XP Deep Orange Viola  Color Code: 1495c PAS Kieft 2018, Hybrid number 4002 Photo: Ross Ford in Venhuizen, The Netherlands  _DSC8362  VIO15-20254.jpg

VENHUIZEN, The Netherlands: It’s a big year for PanAmerican Seed when it comes to Viola’s. Their Sorbet and Sorbet XP series take a step in the right direction with no fewer than 10 new introductions! With major gains in earliness and total number of flowers per plant, the following colours will be introduced:

New Sorbet XP Deep Orange will become the deepest orange-flowered viola on the market with uniform controlled plants for ease of production, Deep Orange is superior to the competition in colour, timing and uniformity.

New Sorbet XP Yellow Blotch Improved is the best choice on the market for a yellow blotch viola. Up to five days quicker in the autumn and up to 10 days quicker in the spring than any other variety. Plus, this new variety produces more flowers per plant than any other variety and has a larger blotch that makes this variety more attractive.

Every viola assortment needs blue and this year PanAmerican Seed company will introduce two of them. New Sorbet XP Blue Blotch improved flowers up to seven days earlier in the autumn and up to 2 weeks earlier in the spring. A brighter colour and larger blotch will give a better show at retail and in the garden. New Sorbet XP True Blue will become the best true blue solution on the market in the viola cornuta category with less stretch and a truer blue colour than the competition.

Then in the standard Sorbet series PanAmerican Seed will introduce a very early colour called Yellow Violet Jump Up, A new colour for the assortment, bright violet caps make this product stand out for early viola season sales. Another novel colour to add to the assortment will be new Honeybee. Honeybee holds novelty colours with yellow/copper and orange bringing a bright and sunny colour for growers’ spring production.

Finally, PanAmerican Seed introduces three new tailored mixtures from the Sorbet XP series. New Ocean Breeze Mixture, new Blueberry Sundae Mixture and new Raspberry Sunday Mixture will all be introduced this year. Ocean Breeze Mix will combine new Sorbet XP Blue Blotch Improved, Sorbet XP Coconut, Sorbet XP Marina and Sorbet XP White Blotch – four colours for one superb mixture!

Blueberry Sundae Mix will combine three colours: new Sorbet XP True Blue, Sorbet XP Delft and Sorbet XP White. Then finally, the new Raspberry Sundae Mix will combine Sorbet XP Pink Halo, Sorbet XP Raspberry and Sorbet XP White Blotch.

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