Royal FloraHolland Prepares for the Future Where E-Commerce Is the New Normal

Posted On 15 Dec 2016
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auction-generalAALSMEER, The Netherlands: In an exclusive interview with Royal FloraHolland’s member and customer magazine GROW, the cooperative’s  Ronald Teerds provides an update on the  progress of the New Auctioning Project.

From clock evolution to platform revolution. In a nutshell, that is the direction the project team has decided to follow. According to Project Director Ronald Teerds, three major changes are needed to make the current marketplace future-proof.

“The first big change we are working on is a 24/7 online transaction platform which will lead to better trade possibilities and prices,” Teerds said. He added, “We’re also installing a nationwide, virtual clock auction in Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk. As such the auction rooms at both locations will become obsolete in due time. At other locations, some non-virtual clock auctions will, for a price, remain operational. We’re heading for a world in which digital is the normal. Of course, we’ll make sure all preconditions are met; the reliability of information is more important than ever.”

The third change is to provide growers and clients with fine-meshed logistics. Teerds added: “Batches become ever smaller with logistics becoming more expensive and complex. This goes for both the clock auction and direct trade. Our prediction is this trend will gain even more momentum. Therefore, we want to improve the efficiency of these fine-meshed logistics with the aid of robotics.”

According to Teerds, Royal FloraHolland will try to adjust the volumes to keep the costs low. “These three changes will help us function as a marketplace in a virtual world, a place where members and clients can go to ensure that flowers and plants will reach all corners of the world. And that is what it’s about at the moment.”

‘Flowering the World Together, Planting Seeds of Opportunity for Our Members’. This motto of the Royal FloraHolland cooperative reflects its vision for the horticultural sector in 2020. Two main aims will have been achieved by 2020: better margins for our members and their buyers, and more consumers spending more on flowers and plants.

For more information please read the article in GROW



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