Foremostco and Corn. Bak To Partner For Bromeliad Production In North America

Posted On 30 Dec 2016
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orn_bromeliads_exotic_plantsMIAMI, December 28, 2016 — FOREMOSTCO®, INC., a Florida based producer and distributor of young plants, and CORN. BAK®, BV, based in Assendelft, The Netherlands and one of the four largest breeders and producers of Bromeliads in the world, are pleased to announce an agreement of cooperation for the North American market.

Effective immediately, FOREMOSTCO®, INC. will begin producing young plants propagated from CORN. BAK® BV’s varieties for rooting and distribution throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, and as of January 1, 2018 FOREMOSTCO® will be the exclusive source of their young plant varieties in these key markets.

Joe Roberts, President of FOREMOSTCO®, INC. said “With this agreement we can ensure the North American Bromeliad growers have access to a consistent and uniform quality propagule of CORN. BAK®’s exceptional product line”.

Elly and Peter Bak of CORN. BAK® BV see this as a fresh new start for a long existing market. “This cooperation gives CORN. BAK® BV the opportunity to deliver to all our North American customers a rooted adapted product. The new varieties are now more accessible with FOREMOSTCO®, INC being an easy reliable and known access point for the customer. CORN. BAK® BV is excited about this new step”.

FOREMOSTCO®, INC. has since 2007 been cooperating with EXOTIC PLANT®, BVBA based out of Laarne, Belgium and Shanghai, China, to produce and distribute their entire innovative product line of Bromeliads. Caroline de Meyer and Luc Pieters are fourth generation breeders of Bromeliads who have created a multinational production and breeding powerhouse. By combining their Tissue Culture capabilities with their breeding knowledge, they have made great advances in creating a uniform product range, focusing on vibrant colored varieties that are easy to produce.

Roberts added, ”This is a truly exciting opportunity for the Foremost Team to work so closely with the world’s two top breeders and producers of Bromeliads. Our experience with EXOTIC PLANT® for these past years has allowed us to continuously improve our quality and ability to deliver what our Grower Customers want, when they want it, and of a quality that allows them to maximize their success. Adding CORN. BAK®’s assortment of equally cutting edge breeding creates an opportunity for our customers to access a highly complete assortment of Bromeliad varieties. This will allow them to increasingly fine tune their production and thus maximize profitability.”

For more than 30 years, ForemostCo® has provided stability and innovation to the North American horticultural industry. As one of the largest volume importers of starter plants into the U.S., and working in partnership with customers and suppliers worldwide, ForemostCo®, Inc. provides consistent quality, exceptional service, and strives to bring value to all parties in every transaction.

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