What’s behind Komet Sales’ stellar growth?

Posted On 17 Nov 2016
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img_5822MIAMI, USA: Launched a few years ago, Komet Sales is a web-based solution for flower companies where growers, importers and wholesalers can connect and manage their operations efficiently. When someone like Peter Moran the CEO of SAF (Society of American Florist) proclaims that a particular internet based data portal could likely become the standard platform, people take notice.

The internet’s effect on the floral industry has been profound and will continue to shape how flowers are bought and sold for many years to come. The inter-workings of the floral industry’s machinery is made up of a number of steps to get fresh flowers from farms to consumers.  We floral people know it as the “cold chain”.  These logistics steps require information to be shared with any number of trading partners, organizations and government agencies.

Since the mid-nineties there have several internet based companies that have attempted to integrate this data in an online platform. Floraplex, Flowersonline, Floralship, Dflower and many others have tried to make this transition to the web the next best thing. Some of these companies still exist and others have failed.

There are two basic solutions that web companies attempt to solve.

1: To connect growers/suppliers to the end consumer or as close as they can get using the internet as the store front thus trying to eliminate as many middle men as possible. FTD, Teleflora and others all have some version of this model while trying to balance their existing retail client base.

  1. The other model is the ability to share the required data across the well-established logistics path that flowers normal travel beginning with the sale. The basic model is to have live inventories visible online for select customers to view and purchase. Once a sale is made the data can be filtered down to the required information and shared up and down the supply chain. From grower inventory, to cargo agent, to airline, to importer, to trucker, to wholesaler, to retailer and finally to the consumer. There are 17 companies currently competing for this import based business here in Miami. Most notable are: D-flower, Vida18, Floralship and Komet Sales.

They all offer a variety of services and some do it better than others but over the last five years one has risen to the top: Komet Sales.

They have developed a single online data platform that connects growers, importers, wholesalers and retailers allowing their respective customers to shop from their combined inventories online. All the while maintaining the markups and landed cost, which are built in at each level. So everyone can make money.

Therefore, with total integration a retailer in suburban America can view and buy from the inventory of its supply chain wholesaler, Importer or right down to the farm.

To be fair some of the other data companies offer this level of integration but only Komet has been able to make it work across multiple business levels and with such notable companies that Peter Moran took notice. The difference is customer service and a Silicon Valley style Colombian entrepreneur named Alex Perez who is making it all happen with a large team of over 40 people based in Medellin Colombia. For more information please visit: www.kometsales.com

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