ISU commission for plant analysis presents six new perennials

Posted On 08 Sep 2016
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BONN, Germany: Over 60 new perennials have been planted and evaluated in Great Dixter since 2014. The nine-member international ISU commission for plant analysis examined the perennials on 10 August.

Xavier Allemann, President of the ISU commission for plant analysis thanked Linda Jones, who supervised the planting as an experienced expert analyst, and Fergus Garrett, the Head Gardener, for the care and pre-selection of the plants in the “Mecca for Gardeners”, Great Dixter.

The six outstanding perennials proved themselves on the difficult clay soil in Great Dixter and were in a very good condition in August. Therefore the jury is also expecting good further development of the plants. During the presentation of the awards the three prize winners Jan Spruyt, Tomasz Michalik and Graham Spencer emphasised that their plant breeding objectives are plants particularly suitable for the garden, which can be used successfully by landscape gardeners and satisfy the end customer in the long-term.

Jonas Bengtsson, Swedish representative in the ISU commission for plant analysis for many years, was elected President of the Commission and is the successor of Xavier Allemann.

Monarda ‘Bee Happy’

Monarda `Bee Happy´. Plant breeder: Joke Dragt.

Monarda `Bee Happy´. Plant breeder: Joke Dragt.

Plant breeder: Joke Dragt, sent in by Tomasz Michalik

70 cm high, compact, crimson perennial, flowers June-August. Single flowers 45 mm long and sterile, there is no scattering of seeds. Good mildew resistance, strong shoots. Oval leaves with serrated ends.






Silphium integrifolium, JS® ‚’Stand Up’

Silphium integrifolium, JS® ‚`Stand Up‘ Plant breeder: Jan Spruyt.

Silphium integrifolium, JS® ‚`Stand Up‘
Plant breeder: Jan Spruyt.


Plant breeder: Jan Spruyt

2.25 m high growing firm upright perennial with brilliant yellow (Yellow B9) flowers with a diameter of ca. 5 cm. Flowers July-September.



Eupatorium maculatum

Eupatorium maculatum.

Eupatorium maculatum.

JS® ‚ ‘Humble’

Plant breeder: Jan Spruyt

At 80 cm short stature with large, very pronounced umbels in grey-glinting purple (RHS 186C). Flowers July-October, elliptic leaves, dark green. More drought resistant than Eupatorium generally.



Salvia nemorosa hort. ‘Deep Blue Field’

Salvia nemerosa 'Deep Blue Field'.

Salvia nemerosa ‘Deep Blue Field’.


Plant breeder: Vitroflora

Medium height (45 cm), upright growing plant for sun to partial shade, dry to semi-dry

location. Violet coloured (N88A) flowers from June-September in 15 cm long, tightly packed panicles. Leaf length medium, colour medium green with weak gloss.





Heliopsis helianthiodes JS® ‘Sunny Wink’

Heliopsis 'Sunny Wink'.

Heliopsis ‘Sunny Wink’.


Plant breeder: Jan Spruyt

Small and many flowered Heliopsis. Single flower, warm orange-yellow, small dark green leaves. With its wild character this Heliopsis is particularly suitable for prairie and savannah gardens. Furthermore the perennial is more drought resistant than others of its type.

Nepeta grandiflora ‘Summer Magic’

Nepeta grandiflora 'Summer Magic'.

Nepeta grandiflora ‘Summer Magic’.


Plant breeder: Malcolm Spencer

Robust 40 cm high perennial for a sunny location. Lavender-coloured flowers from May- September. New flowering shoots without pruning. No damage to the flower through rain, remains compact, does not fall apart.



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