SmartFlo conveyor belts make ornamental plant business less hectic

technology_SmartFlo_conveyor _beltROCKWELL, USA: Tom Abramowski, owner of Rockwell Farms, recently decided to invest in SmartFlo conveyor belts. One of the major players in first-year pot and bedding plants in the US, Rockwell Farms sees SmartFlo conveyor belts as the ideal solution both for saving on labour and for creating a calmer working atmosphere.

The SmartFlo range uses space more efficiently with more plants per square metre and belts that can be walked on. At Rockwell Farms, SmartFlo conveyor belts are used for positioning and selecting plants. They opted for the wider version of the conveyor belt, which is big enough for both large pot sizes and trays. The belts will be installed in autumn 2016.

SmartFlo conveyor belts are now being used as an efficient logistics solution all over the world. Customers as far afield from Brazil, Australia, the Netherlands and the UK are already using the SmartFlo range.

Developed by WPS, a leading provider of automation solutions for the professional plant industry, the SmartFlo range consists of different belt modules that are connected online, allowing you to tailor the system exactly to your own operational needs. The modular design makes the conveyor belts very affordable and easy to expand.

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