Pöppelmann TEKU MXC 11 optimises space

Posted On 23 Jan 2015
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containers_teku_mxcLOHNE, Germany: The MXC plant pot series by Pöppelmann TEKU is well known among experts for promoting optimal plant growth through the excellent irrigation and drainage properties of the multi-hole profile bottom. By adding the 11cm pot size, Pöppelmann has now addressed the issue of efficient space usage and is again providing customers with another “bit more”.

The optimised diameter of the MXC 11 enables particularly efficient space usage. The new MXC 11 fits into the TEKU NP 412 and TEKU D-ST 10.5/15 transport trays. Now the grower can fit 60 pots per CC shelf instead of 50 pots with the NP 410/460/480. That is an amazing 20 percent more, which has a positive effect on transport costs.

Just like the other sizes 10.5, 12, 13 and 14, the new MXC 11 is available as standard in terracotta and black. In addition, the extension of the 6° injection moulded pot series offers the familiar advantages of the MXC series.

Of course, successful production is the most important thing for growers. Thanks to the TEKU multi-hole profile bottom, which provides fast irrigation and drainage as well as a good aeration of the roots, the MXC 11 guarantees optimal plant growth. Rapid and healthy growth means a shorter cultivation period, which results in lower production costs. The MXC is the right choice for all irrigation systems.

During the production of the MXC series, Pöppelmann also uses high-density colours that block light from penetrating the pots. Light cannot penetrate the pot walls, and therefore deterioration or damage to the root system is prevented. To promote an undisturbed root growth, Pöppelmann has also removed the internal stacking grooves, but without compromising the de-nesting of the pots.

The high lateral stability and the pronounced pot rim make the MXC ideal for use in automated production. It starts from smooth de-nesting and conveyance through the potting machine and continues with easy handling by transport and positioning systems.

The use of recycled materials and the material-saving production process are two further advantages of the MXC series. They turn the MXC into a thoroughly fulfilling cultivation pot for flowering success.



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