Poppelman adds 9cm pots to TEKU MCO line of orchid pots

Posted On 23 Jan 2015
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containers_mco_orchid_pots_poppelmannLOHNE, Germany: Plastic pot manufacturer Poppelmann from Germany is pleased to announce the addition of a 9cm pot to its successful TEKU MCO series of orchid pots.

TEKU MCO’s outstanding feature is the ingenious design of the stepped base with an integrated support feature for flower sticks. It provides a good hold for the sticks and thereby facilitates the fixing of the stems. The stepped base provides different drainage and aeration levels.

The asymmetrically arranged drainage channels in the pot base offer advantages in two respects. They guarantee stable positioning on mesh benches and ensure optimum drainage. But that doesn’t suffice for Pöppelmann and in order to guarantee a balanced air to moisture ratio side vents safely draw excess irrigation water away from the roots and additional ventilation holes increase aeration.

Once again, Pöppelmann experts have given special attention to the design of the pot base to achieve the familiar TEKU added values. In doing so they kept internal transport requirements in mind. Thanks to a specially designed base structure, the pots with the plants remain stable on mobile tables and conveyor belts.

The production process begins with the potting machine and the pot dispenser. For the grower it is important that the pots can de-nest smoothly. To properly ensure this, the pot producer from Lohne has equipped their pots with special outer stacking grooves. This small detail has a great effect on practicality.

The high transparency of the selected material promotes healthy root growth. The TEKU MCO pots offer simply the best prerequisite for successful orchid production in a 9 cm, 12 cm and 15 cm pot.





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