FloraHolland reports surge in volumes, disappointing median prices

Posted On 09 Jan 2015
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tradeshow_floraholland_tradAALSMEER, Netherlands: December in the Netherlands was mild; the country received a normal amount of precipitation and sunshine, but temperatures were slightly higher than usual. In large parts of FloraHolland’s market, winter had yet to arrive, making circumstances right for a good turnover. FloraHolland saw its sales increase by no less than 11.7%. Traditionally, the demand for flowers and plants in December is high thanks to the holidays. In relation to the significantly higher turnover, pricing was €0.03 lower. In total, sales showed an increase of 3.4%. This image is slightly skewed, as in 2014, December had an extra auction day. All in all, it wasn’t the festive, flashy close to the year that everyone was hoping for. An amount of uncertainty in the market, which was caused by the ups and downs between the euro and the ruble, was felt.

The number of cut flowers sold increased by 12%, but this resulted in an increase in turnover of only 1%. The supply of tulips rose spectacularly by no less than 109%. However, the price suffered because of it and dropped by €0.10. Tulip season arrived early and the flowers popular in this period performed better: Amaryllis achieved 8.1% more sales with prices remaining practically the same; Orchids achieved a price increase of €0.05 with more than 10% fewer sales; Hulst achieved a price increase of €0.15 with 13.7% fewer sales; and Anthurium achieved a price increase of €0.04 with 8.1% fewer sales. Rose, Chrysanthemum and Lisianthus achieved disappointing prices, each dropping by €0.02 – €0.03. The price of Gerberas rose by €0.03 with 2.8% less supply.

Sales of houseplants increased by 9%, resulting in an increase in turnover of 7.6% and the pricing remained practically level. Some plants realized significantly higher sales, such as Pot Orchids (+15%) and Dracaena (+18%). Just as was the case with flowers, Christmas products performed well: Poinsettia +11.3%; Arrangements +16.8%; Kalanchoë +17.2%; and Anthurium +15.8% in sales. Pricing remained at a good level, too. Hyacinth really excited the market and achieved no less than a 19.1% increase in sales, with prices dropping by only €0.01. Cyclamen achieved an increase in price of €0.07 with practically the same number of sales and the green plants Ficus and Dracaena also achieved increased sales.

In December, there is not much interest in garden plants, but nevertheless, FloraHolland saw increased sales (+11.1%) here too, although this came at the cost of the pricing. Turnover increased by only 2.6% because the price dropped by €0.10. Camellia performed very well, achieving an increase in sales of 128.2% and an increase in price of €0.26. Cyclamen achieved an increase in sales of 9.7%, with prices €0.04 higher. At this time of year, Cyclamen seem to be more popular.

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