Bailey acquires Plant Introductions, Inc

Posted On 16 Jan 2015
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business_bailey PIIWATKINSVILLE, USA: Woody plant introduction company Plant Introductions, Inc (PII) from Watkinsville, Georgia is excited to announce that their company has been acquired by Bailey Nurseries, and is now working as their in-house breeding programme.

Plant Introductions, Inc., (PII) was established in 2007 by the owners Mark Griffith, Jeff Beasley, and Mike Dirr. They converted an abandoned hog farm into a facility to breed, select, evaluate, and develop new ornamental plants. They are currently breeding and evaluating thousands of seedlings and selections in dozens of genera.

The evaluation of plants is done in containers and in the ground before making the final decision whether or not to introduce a new plant. The company’s goals are to serve the nursery industry by developing plants that require less inputs during production and to serve the end user (gardener, homeowner, etc.) by developing plants that perform in the landscape. Disease resistance, compact habit, extended flowering period, and continuous color (from flowers, foliage, and stems) are desirable traits for most of the plants PII works with.

PII is a dedicated plant breeding, evaluation, and introduction company. It is not open to the public and it doesn’t sell plants.

Bailey Nurseries is known for their high quality product, long-standing leadership in the horticulture community and introduction of some of the most sought after varieties on the market through the Endless Summer® and First Editions® Collections, many of which were bred by PII.

For PII licensees, the acquisition means day-to-day business as usual, with communication now going through Bailey Nurseries. For breeders and growers interested in working with Bailey Nurseries’ new breeding program, please contact or 800-829-8898.

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