Tozer Seeds announces new Wallflower partnership

Posted On 28 Jul 2014
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orn_wallflower_erysimum_5662COBHAM, UK: Tozer Seeds announced today Dutch company Floragran as new partners with the Sunset Wallflower varieties. They are a family owned company founded in 1977 and specialise in production and sales of ornamental varieties. The breeding and production of the Wallflower seed will remain with Tozer Seeds and Floragran will take care of all sales, distribution and after sales support.

David Rogers UK sales director said, “We are looking forward to working with Floragran and believe they will provide the expertise in markets for which we have limited understanding. The Sunset Wallflowers are the only ornamental product in our portfolio and we felt it was time to involve a company with more experience.”

Tozer Seeds have been developing and selling F1 hybrid wallflower varieties for the past 20 years, this work culminated in the Sunset series; a range of varieties with consistent colours which are both compact and vigorous. These varieties have been successful in the UK and continue to have presence in the marketplace.

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