TEKU Pöppelmann completes the VCG and VCH series

Posted On 09 Feb 2014
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Presse_VCG_VCH_GB_IPM 2014LOHNE, Germany: Soon after TEKU launched its VCG and VCH plant pot range, it became clear that these growing pots would be a resounding success as high-tech products in automated plant production. The addition of new sizes to the range at the IPM 2014 is further evidence of this.

Pöppelmann is supplementing both ranges with 9, 10 and 11 centimetre sizes. Depending on their requirements, growers can now also find 10.5, 12, 13, 17 and 19 cm pots in the VCG pot range. In addition to the 10.5 cm pot, the following sizes have been added to the selection in the

VCH range: 11, 11 volume; 12, 13, 13 volume as well as 17 and 19. The VCH pots are higher and therefore offer a larger substrate volume. In response to the needs of horticultural practice for a small pot with extra large substrate volume, Pöppelmann has also added the VCH 9F version to the VCH range. Sales Manager Arno Zerhusen emphasises: “When customers ask us for something specific, we mobilise all our resources to come up with a solution.”

The most important feature of both ranges is the wide edge. It ensures that the plant pots run reliably in all dispensers. The wide, U-shaped edge enhances lateral stability to ensure that, even under lateral pressure, the pots are not deformed in the dispensers. The patented tile edge helps to ensure that the pots can be easily unstacked.

The wide edge also means that fork and shifting systems can pick up the plant pots directly under the rim more securely. The pots rest better on the forks and cannot fall off the forks during transportation. The wider edge means that the plant pots are suitable for all transport fork systems.

In addition to the modified edge, the optimised design also offers additional added value. It means that some sizes also offer better utilisation of the footprint and a greater loading factor on transport trolleys. This reduces the transport costs.

Many of the advantages are also in small, hidden details. For example, Pöppelmann has strengthened the patented multi-hole profile bottom of the TEKU plant pots in the VCG and VCH range. The advantages of the multi-hole profile bottom are unaffected by this. The bottom holes positioned on three levels contribute to quick watering and draining for good cultivation.

Today, no modern and efficient product can ignore the matter of the sparing use of resources. The new TEKU VCG and VCH range plant pots do particularly well here thanks to the use of carefully prepared recycled material. The TEKU plant pots in the VCG and VCH range are more than just normal plant pots.

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