US floriculture worth $4.08 billion

Posted On 08 Jun 2012
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CHICAGO, June 9, 2012: The 2011 Floriculture Crops Summary has just been released, and Dr. Marvin Miller has done a preliminary crunch of the data, reports Chris Beytes from our sister publication Grower Talks. Here are Dr Miller’s findings thus far:

– Total 2011 sales for the 15 states in the survey were $4.08 billion. That’s down 1.6% from 2010 ($4.15 billion).
– The top five states—California, Florida, Michigan, Texas and North Carolina—had mixed results, with Florida and North Carolina increasing in sales from 2010; and California, Michigan and Texas declining in sales. All told, six of 15 states saw increases, while the remaining nine saw drops in year-to-year sales.
– There were 6.5% fewer operations in the 2011 report than in the 2010, with losses in grower numbers occurring in every sales size classification, from smallest to largest growers.
– Total greenhouse space and total outdoor space used were both down.
– Foliage plants was the only industry segment reporting increased sales from 2010 to 2011 (+4.6%)
– Bedding/garden plant sales were down 2.3%
– Potted flowering plant sales were down 0.9%
– Cut flower sales were down 4.2%
– Cut greens sales were down 6.5%
– Propagative material sales were down 3.7%
The Floriculture Production Pie:
– Bedding/Garden = 53%
– Pots = 17.9%
– Foliage = 17.1%
– Cuts = 10%
– Cut Greens = 2%

Dr. Miller will have the complete analysis in an upcoming issue of GrowerTalks.

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