Plantion restarts postponed lawsuit against FloraHolland

Posted On 07 Jun 2012
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EDE, the Netherlands, June 8, 2012: Dutch flower auction, Plantion has asked the court to re-schedule the law case against FloraHolland for contract breach and get it back on track for trial.
According to Plantion’s managing director Andre Kruijssen both parties held a series of settlement talks which eventually didn’t lead to a new long term cooperation agreement.
Both independent auction have been working together for over twenty years and an agreement for cooperation and exchange of miscellaneous services provided by both parties was signed on January 1st, 2008. This agreement allowed so-called guest-members to sell their products on both market places and promoted common interest which in turn strengthened the market share of both parties.
Plantion entered into a binding cooperation agreement with FloraHolland and are seeking to have that agreement honored, said the auction in an official statement, last month. Its request to the court was that FloraHolland should respect the rules and that the binding agreement with FloraHolland be honored.
According to Plantion, the contract breach has everything to do with the organisation’s refusal to merge with FloraHolland. Spooked by a multi layered, enormously complex behemoth of a business in which costs keep rising, margins keep shrinking, Plantion’s board of directors and its members refused a merger offer last February. Meanwhile, Plantion has now made clear that they are keen to keep their independence and a merger has been banned.

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