Legro earns RHP certification for India based production facility

Posted On 12 Jun 2012
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HELMOND, the Netherlands, June 12, 2012: Legro, a leading supplier of substrates for soft fruits and hardy nursery stock, today announced its production facility in India for buffered coir has earned the coveted RHP certification. RHP is the Dutch quality mark for the international substrate industry and a guarantee to growers that the buffering process has been correctly conducted.
The Legro Coir RHP location has an annual production capacity of more than 200 container loads of buffered coir. Over the last years, the demand for buffered coir has grown considerably. An increasing number of growers have become aware of the positive effect of treated coir.
A coconut palm tree is very salt tolerant. The salt, i.e. potassium (K) and sodium (Na), is bounded in the cells of the plant, on the complex. This will become available for the plant if calcium or magnesium, for instance with the fertilization, is applied during the growing stage. By exchanging these ions with the calcium treatment in its facility Legro Coir is the safe start for most crops.
At the Legro facility in India, the entire coir production process is controlled. Due to the presence of an own “mill”, in which the husk is separated into fibers and coir pith, we keep control over the supply chain over the quality and traceability of the coir. The coir is stored for 6 months for natural “aging”. This prevents shrinking and composting when used in cultivation. After storage the material is washed, to reduce the salinity (the EC), and after that it is buffered. The washing and buffering is done in big concrete bunkers. In this way contamination with sand, weeds and animal droppings is prevented.
Finally, the treated coir is dried in drying yards with concrete floors. The entire production is checked by our own laboratory at the production site. Products featuring the RHP quality label, meet chemical and physical requirements and, are free of weeds and plant pathogens. All this to guarantee a safe growing media for professional growers. Currently Legro plans to further expand its facility by adding two extra fibre units.

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