Jardin de Rabelais opts for the SuprimAir greenhouse

Posted On 27 Jun 2012
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POELDIJK, the Netherlands, June 27, 2012: Dutch greenhouse builder, Certhon has launched a new greenhouse, the SuprimAir. This ultra-modern greenhouse can be used to achieve a high return using as little energy as possible. The greenhouse features technology that will always create a perfect climate for the highest possible production and optimal and constant crop quality.
Jardin de Rabelais in France has opted for the new “SuprimAir” greenhouse from Certhon. They are going to use it to grow small sweet tomatoes.
The greenhouse is equipped with specially designed hoses for low energy consumption and optimum air distribution. The ventilators are constantly monitored and controlled for an optimum balance and an even climate.
The SuprimAir greenhouse is also equipped with separately controlled vents in the façade construction, which guarantee properly measured supply of air to the greenhouse and an optimum balance between the internal and external air. The heating is divided from the continuous air flow, resulting in less air resistance and therefore saving energy.
The Jardin de Rabelais project covers 3 hectares. The greenhouse will be lit with 210 µmol and will be handed over as a turnkey project by Certhon.

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