Dion outlines new market options for florists

Posted On 05 Jun 2012
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ALEXANDRIA, USA, June 5, 2012: Why do shoppers line up for hours to buy the latest iPad — and what can florists learn from that to create the kind of deeply-loyal customers that stick like glue to Apple?
That’s just one of several compelling questions retail strategist Jim Dion will answer, as keynote speaker at the Society of American Florists (SAF) Retail Growth Solutions Conference. During SAF’s mini-conference for florists, June 19-20 in Cherry Hill, N.J. (near Philadelphia),
Dion sets the stage with “the view from 30,000 feet” — a broad look at market trends, changing shopping habits, the impact of technology and social media, and how retailers are adapting successfully. Then he’ll zoom down to the shop level and help florists translate today’s market options into practical strategies for growth:
• Why today’s shoppers choose one store or product over another and what florists need to do to capture their business.
• How innovative retailers use technology and social media today, what’s coming next, and how florists can capitalize on those opportunities now.
Dion, one of the nation’s most sought-after retail strategists, is the founder and president of Chicago-based Dionco Inc., an internationally known retail consulting and training firm. He holds a doctorate in industrial psychology and is continually fascinated by changing consumer behaviors and expectations — especially when it comes to price.
“We do a lot of research about pricing psychology, and it’s just amazing how (strongly) consumers believe in anchor prices,” he said, referring to the first price a consumer sees on a product. “Once consumers get an idea in their heads about what the price for a product should be, it’s almost impossible to change it,” making today’s deep-discount mentality a hard habit to break.

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