Pukekaroro Exotics changes company name to Callas New Zealand

Posted On 13 Aug 2009
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Callas New Zealand Ltd are New Zealand’s original commercial grower and exporter of hybrid callas. (Zantedeschia Sp.) The business was established in 1981 by the father of the current managing director, Mr Andrew Wearmouth. Callas New Zealand is a long term family business with two of Andrews’s family now working for the company.
Callas New Zealand currently exports a wide range of varieties of callas to clients in 17 countries. The company produces rounded shaped tubers with a high dry matter content aimed to produce top quality plants. The tubers are naturally programmed for a July through to March planting cycle. The tubers flower naturally during the months from October through to May when prices fro cut flowers and pot plants are at their peak.
Tubers are grown from superior genetic mother bulbs, maintained in a gene bank run by Plant and Food Research, a New Zealand Government Research Institute.
Callas New Zealand has two main production sites. By producing large quantities of tubers at two locations, the tubers are more consistent in their growth habit and timing of flowering.
Callas New Zealand Ltd runs a bulb breeding program to develop new varieties with superior genetics such as higher flower productivity, dwarf varieties for pot plant usage, better disease resistance, and more pure colours. New Varieties are released on a regular basis as they are commercialized.
Callas New Zealand Ltd holds Plant Variety Rights in New Zealand, the European Union, USA, Chile and Kenya. New varieties are licensed to growers around the world who pay Callas New Zealand royalties as part of their licensing rights.
Callas New Zealand Ltd also exports bulbs of Gloriosa, Sandersonia, and Cyrtanthus. Technical backup is offered by an experienced agronomist, Mr Don Slade.

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