About us

FloraCulture International is an independent international trade magazine gifted to the floral industry by Royal FloraHolland.

Royal FloraHolland has been the publisher of the independent FCI trade magazine since the end of 2015. Publishing this global magazine is a clear expression of the international ambitions harboured by the cooperative. Royal FloraHolland connects, shares, facilitates, and innovates, and by doing so supports the success of its members and their customers. Our ultimate objective is to make the international floriculture sector thrive. FloraCulture International contributes to this objective in its own way. FCI shares knowledge, offers inspiration, and reinforces the special and necessary cooperation in the floriculture sector by connecting people, markets, continents and cultures, in its topics and stories because we believe this will make us all bloom.

FCI Team:
Katja Bouwmeester, Editor in chief
Piet Kralt, Interim editor
Angie Duffree, Traffic & sales
Fred van Tol, International account management team manager
Trees Willemse, Key account manager