Tabledance wins first place in Lily League®

Posted On 21 Jul 2017
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20170619 Lily League 2017 nummer 1 Tabledance_02260POELDIJK, The Netherlands– The variety Tabledance has been selected by the visitors of the Dutch Lily Days and other interested parties as most appreciated lily in the world. A successful sequel is given to the Lily League® formula, a “lily parade” of the prettiest and most appreciated lily varieties of this moment. Extra festive was the lily election for Corné de Wildt (Artemis Lilies). The varieties picked by De Wildt came closest to the 10 most voted lily varieties and therefore won the €1,000 travel voucher.

 The election of the most beautiful 50 lily varieties took place in honor of the Dutch Lily Days. The event was held for the seventh time this year. At thirteen locations in the Netherlands, breeders and exporters had opened their doors. From June 6th till 9th, visitors were introduced to the new varieties of the future. They were also asked to vote for their lily preferences in a top 10 contest. The Lily League, an initiative by Onings Holland, received many great responses.

Colorful poster with 50 lily varieties

Voting could be done on location or at After processing all submissions, the top 3 appeared to be formed by Tabledance, Zambesi and Bellville.

The lily-top fifty of the Dutch Lily Days 2017 will be transformed into a colorful poster. The poster is available through Onings Holland and will be send by request.

More information can be found on the website

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