Danziger is Sharing the Love at the Flower Trials

Posted On 14 Jun 2017
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MISHMAR HASHIVA, Israel : At Flower Trials 2017, Danziger will reveal a new strategy to take its top-of-the-line breeding and production to the next level again, including innovative marketing to create consumer brands from varieties such as its AMORE™ Petunia.

“At Danziger, innovation is about delivering the best value to our customers – from excellent service, agile business methods and newest production techniques to compelling marketing,” says Ori Danziger, Deputy CEO. “With AMORE™, we’ve gone all the way to bring our customers a total branded experience.”

A series of revolutionary marketing activities will kick off around Flower Trials 2017, June 13-16.


In a rare move, Danziger has produced a “teaser” video invitation for the exhibition featuring the message, “Are you ready to share your love?” The short film, shot in Leiden, Holland, shows different people receiving a hand-delivered package of love containing an AMORE™ potted plant.

“While potted plants are usually bought by a person for his or her own use, we wanted to open a new selling opportunity by transforming the AMORE™ series into a gift,” says Anna Chernyavsky, Director of Sales – Bedding & Perennials.

To ensure no visitor to Flower Trials 2017 misses out on the AMORE™ “share the love” experience, Danziger has decorated the display to look and feel like Paris, with chanson background music, complementary macaroons and flowering pots.

With another exciting marketing initiative, 200 lucky visitors at Danziger’s Flower Trials 2017 expo will have the opportunity to “share their love” in an original piece of interactive marketing, inviting them to send their loved ones a box of AMORE™ with a personal greeting card.

In an additional marketing campaign entitled, “Share your love in the cities,” Danziger aims to extend the end-consumer base for its AMORE™ series by targeting organizational buyers such as parks and municipalities. For this new campaign, Danziger has teamed up with partner Florensis to plant the AMORE™ series in a variety of romantic locations in city parks. The first event was held at Vondell Park Amsterdam on 10 May, and will be followed on 5 June with a special “share your love” event held in the park, featuring live music, special romantic activities and branded AMORE™ giveaways.

AMORE™ has its own dedicated webpage, https://www.amore-danziger.com/, providing clients and customers with a centralized place to find everything they need regarding the brand, from product information to photos of AMORE™ events and a range of branded marketing materials.

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