Alderman Duijvestijn votes top 10 lily in Lily League

Posted On 07 Jun 2017
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20170606 First vote Lily League 2017 by Alderman Duijvestijnjoined by E...POELDIJK, The Netherlands: On the first day of the Dutch Lily Days, the first official vote was issued for the Lily League®, the top 50 of the world’s most appreciated lily varieties. Mr. Theo Duijvestijn, alderman and deputy mayor of Westland, had the honour to confirm his lily top 10. In the coming days, all visitors to this annual lily event are asked to follow his example. This will lead to the announcement of a top 3 of most voted lilies, after the voting closes on June 13th. The participant who predicted the top 10 best wins an airplane ticket or travel voucher.

 The Lily League kick-off during the Dutch Lily Days has been done on purpose. Global visitors know and recognize existing varieties in the various participants’ trial greenhouses. Through the Lily League, Onings Holland wants to raise awareness of the crop, but also the difference in the huge numbers of varieties. Lily is traditional, but recent introductions are different and trendy.

“A top 3 or top 5 can be filled out very quickly. We are deliberately asking for a top 10, so that more time is taken to fill out the ranks, and more attention is given to submit the best lilies. In addition, the Lily League is free of choice and is not bound by what a specific group of breeders or hybridizers has to offer,” explains Evert van Zanten of Onings Holland.

Travel voucher valued at € 1,000

Votes can be cast until June 13th. During the Dutch Lily Days, you can use the tablets that are available at the test greenhouse of Onings Holland or on-line from anywhere in the world via The voter who’s prediction is closest to the top 10 wins an airplane ticket for the Dutch Lily Days 2018 or a travel voucher valued at € 1,000

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