Lily League prolongs during Dutch Lily Days 2017

Posted On 18 May 2017
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Bart Siemerink, Director of Keukenhof,to vote first in 2016POELDIJK, The Netherlands: Due to the positive feedback from people in the Lily Industry regarding the Lily League® initiative in 2016, there will be a sequel in 2017. The reactions and the many entries of the lily top 50 gives the market new insights into the popularity of certain lily varieties. The second edition the Lily League with be held during the During the Dutch Lily Days of 2017 at Onings Holland’s test facilities.

“We chose to prolong the Lily League formula. The enthusiastic responses, even before the Dutch Lily Days even started, surprised us. Visitors like to compare their choice with others. Ultimately, everybody gets a quick overview of the top 50 of the world’s most appreciated lily varieties on June 13th through our website and a lily poster”, said Evert van Zanten, CEO of initiator Onings Holland.
Inspiring Dutch Lily Days

Putting lilies back in the spotlight through the Lily League seems to be a success. Prior to the Dutch Lily Days, applicants will be able to put together their personal Lily top 10. Van Zanten about this: “We know that many Lily League contestants participate on the knowledge they have about the market and varieties they would advise themselves. By having them go check out one or more of the participants of the Dutch Lily Days from June 6th through June 9th, we want to show them what promising novelties and existing species there are available. This can lead to new insights and new choices and opinions. ”
During the Dutch Lily Days, there are tablets available in the Onings Test Greenhouse where visitors can easily submit their personal top 10. This can also be done online anywhere else in the world from June 6th through the 13th at The 10 most popular lilies are announced after voting is closed. At that time the jury will also reveal the participant who predicted the top 10. The winner will receive an travel voucher worth €1000 to come see the Dutch Lily Days 2018! A poster with the 50 most popular varieties will be made and send to each participant.
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