The Greatest Garden Show in the Southern Hemisphere

Posted On 11 Apr 2017
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Tropicanna_ GDN_D Fell_ 3MELBOURNE, Australia: The Greatest Garden Show in the Southern Hemisphere

Each year in the southern hemisphere, the horticultural industry presents itself to the general public via an institution known as MIFGS.

The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show is the largest show of its kind south of the equator, where for more than twenty years it has been acknowledged as one of the world’s handful of great garden shows. It does what the best shows do – it promotes a love for the garden.

101,000 Visitors

The public is hungry for anything to do with gardens, and during the 5 days of the show, over 101,000 people come to the show to be entertained, men, women and children. They are not disappointed either. There are ideas to see and share new plants on show, the latest trends in growing fruit and vegetables in small areas and great designs on how to dress up your courtyard or garden.

 Cut Flower Design

There is even a highly contested competition to build the most interesting cubby house for the youngsters. In addition, there is a whole area devoted to cut flowers, designs and flower art.

Helping the people who promote gardening year round

Once a year, for the last fifteen years, Anthony Tesselaar International provide a special Media Marquee for the over 120 media people who come to the show.

Anthony explains why. “Everything in our industry hangs on the love of gardening… everything! Our aim is to help support the industry by giving the media a place here at MIFGS to rest, provide lunch and refreshments during the whole of the show to gather their thoughts, to meet with people, to do their job well. And that job is simple – to promote gardening.”

“In this space you overhear snippets of conversation and begin to pick up what’s really going on. It’s all about facilitating, helping people meet and share information. The results benefit everyone.

 Think Outside the Box

And that’s the secret. It’s the Anthony Tesselaar International approach. If you keep your eye on the big picture and work with people who share your view, the results are rewarding.

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