Dutch Design in Flowers at the Keukenhof Opening

Posted On 05 Apr 2017
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17498510_1633179126712136_8808440989246735893_nLISSE, The Netherlands: The 68th edition of Keukenhof has started. The official opening was dedicated to Dutch Design and the new entrance building. Over 100 varieties of tulip are already in bloom at the park. At Keukenhof, spring has truly begun. Keukenhof is the place to enjoy the millions of flowering tulips, daffodils and other bulb flowers this spring.

Dutch Design in flowers
Keukenhof’s theme for 2017 is ‘Dutch Design’.
Dutch designers are globally esteemed for their ground-breaking ideas in the field of fashion, graphic design, architecture and furniture design. They inspired the theme for this Keukenhof season. Dutch Design has been incorporated into the bulb mosaic, one of the themed year’s highlights.
Furthermore, the flower shows at the Oranje Nassau Paviljoen are dedicated to Dutch Design. One of the inspirational gardens has also been given over to the theme, and fashion and furniture design inform the orchid and anthurium shows at the Beatrix Paviljoen.

Keukenhof’s new entrance building taken into operation
After years of preparation, Keukenhof will be taking its new entrance building into operation. A beautiful design by the world renowned firm of architects Mecanoo from Delft.
The entrance building houses public functions such as box offices, the information desk and shops. The use of natural materials – wood, copper and brick lends the building its exceptional character.

In recent years, Keukenhof has undergone wonderful development. Visitor numbers are up. The park has become even more beautiful and now blooms from the first to the last day. And we have made substantial investments in improving facilities at the park,” says Siemerink, director Keukenhof.

Keukenhof is open to the public from 23 March until 21 May 2017.

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