CC Solid will Co-Exist with Current Wooden Shelves

ccbannerHOOFDDORP, The Netherlands: Container Centralen (CC) will implement its new metal shelf – CC Solid – for use in CC Containers, in co-existence with its existing wooden shelves. This decision has been taken by the CC Advisory Board after four months of intensive market consultation. All services for wooden shelves will continue, only the repair service for wooden shelves will change.

Wooden shelves stay supported

CC will continue to support and service the wooden shelves but on different terms and conditions. The main change will be a substantial change in the repair quota percentage. For extra repairs – meaning repairs in excess of the quota – a repair fee per shelf will be levied. The amendment of the terms and conditions will help CC maintain a sustainable and reliable pool, without raising the pool fee.

CC will update customer agreements to take this reduction of the repair quota into account. We will inform our customers regarding this. We will also provide further information on the detailed timing and the percentage of repair quotas as soon as this is available.

Introduction of the metal CC Solid shelves

CC Solid has many benefits over wooden shelves and they will be available to all customers to rent. Actual pricing will depend on the price of metal, as well as on the demand for this new shelf. During the coming months, CC will assess the demand of CC Solid in the market. This demand will influence the date of introduction and the price of CC Solid. The more customers that support the new shelves, the more beneficial it will be to the CC Pool.

Market consultation

Between December 2016 and March 2017, CC discussed two implementation scenarios for CC Solid with its customers. Extensive feedback showed a preference for the scenario of co-existence of the two shelves. This has the best connection with the existing operational processes of most growers, exporters and retailers.

CC is committed to inform the horticulture sector regularly and timely on the proceedings of the new shelf and its implementation via the website and by connecting to customers and stakeholders.

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