Colombia Launch Cyberflora, the World’s First Virtual Ornamental Trade Show

Posted On 20 Mar 2017
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Event_LogoBOGOTA, Colombia: From May 24 to 26 2017, Colombian ornamental growers will come together with interested buyers by logging onto Cyberflora, the world’s first virtual ornamental trade show. A group of growers and cargo agencies got together with Jairo Cadavid, President of Colviveros, to drive a cutting-edge trade-show platform run on connectivity arrays currently driving international business and social media. 

We are aiming at transcending and revolutionizing traditional international ornamental-product trade. Cyberflora is a new Social Business experience, based on existing interconnectivity systems, which will offer both exhibitors and international buyers the opportunity to promote and learn about new products, trends and services throughout Colombia’s ornamental-product chain. They will be able to interact and generate effective business contacts in real-time, from a smartphone, a computer or a tablet”, Cadavid said.

Cyberflora will be the world’s very first ornamental-product trade show where both exhibitors and buyers will be able to keep up their daily routine in any part of the world. They will just need to click-register to become an Avatar Attendee at Cyberflora’s virtual trade show. No traveling and a full load of high-tech communication bells and whistles to boot.

Cyberflora’s organizers have also joined forces with international organizations, especially Florint – one of the most important florist organizations worldwide. “Far beyond just generating contacts and stimulating international buyer participation at Cyberflora, we really want key-market florists, who would otherwise be unable to make it to Colombia to visit farms to be part of an origin trade show, get a good look at Colombian ornamental and foliage portfolios and be on the frontlines for importers and wholesalers”.

Last year, fresh-flower, foliage and live-plant exports exceeded USD$1.3 billon. Cyberflora’s promoters aim to both contribute to Colombia’s export portfolio positioning, as well as attract new international buyers and support new business for growers.

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