Horticultural Trade Show in Conjunction with Wild Flowers Conference in Ramsar, Iran

Posted On 12 Feb 2017
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events_ramsar_iranRAMSAR, Iran: The International Flowers and Ornamental Plant Fair (IFOPF) will be held for the first time in Ramsar, Iran from May 1-4, 2017. 

The IFOPF show will run parallel to the ISHS Wildflower Conference. Vendors who attend the IFOPF show will be able to meet  industry professionals from Iran as well as breeders, propagators, growers, decision makers, researchers and horticultural suppliers from around the world. The ultimate goal is to drive sales and improve education and professionalization of Iran’s ornamental horticulture and gardening industry. Show organiser is the Ramsar Flower and Plants Cooperative.

The trade show will be held in conjunction with the ISHS Wildflower Conference. One of the oldest customs in Iran is sending and offering flowers to each other as a symbol of affection, compassion, happiness or good luck.  Being a vast country with diverse climatic conditions, Iran is probably one of the world’s richest natural habitats for many wild flowers and native ornamental plants. The total area under ornamental plants in Iran is indicated to be over 5,000 hectares.

Native plants have attracted many attentions from different viewpoints mostly because of their sustainable growth in landscape, home garden, beauty and variety. However, using them as new ornamental plants in landscape needs adequate consideration. Although, wild flowers are hardy, durable and can be grown with little care, using them commercially is a complicated matter. There are many wild ornamental plants such as tulips, Fritillaria, rose, poppy, Narcissus, lily, Iris, carnation, Gladiolus, Primula, Cyclamen, Paeonia, Cynoglossum, Polygala, Centaurea  and Arum in Iran. Recently, there have been try outs to acclimatize the native flowers in landscape because of their tolerance to different environmental stresses, especially drought.

The above mentioned issue has recently come into sharp focus; thus the International Symposium on Wild Flowers and Native Ornamental Plants is being held in Ramsar, Iran during 1-4th of May, 2017. The aim of this symposium is to provide an international forum to exchange ideas on introduction of new ornamental plants and to encourage collaboration between experts on horticulture and plant scientists. Moreover, spring is a spectacular time to visit Iran, especially the green pastures of Ramsar with its great biodiversity of native plants.

The event organisers look forward to seeing you at the symposium, where scientists from Iran and abroad will join together for constructive dialog on current directions in the wild flowers and native ornamental plants.

On behalf of the organizing committee, Dr. Pejman Azadi said that to mark the occasion international flower businesses will be invited to have a stand. Scheduled also are workshops on breeding and export abilities that will be held in conjunction with the symposium.

For more information please visit www.irfs-ramsar.ir/en/ and http://wildflowers2017.com/

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