MPS at IPM Essen: ProductProof helps growers differentiate their product

Posted On 19 Jan 2017
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atmosphere_lieveheersbeestje_sustainable-andermattESSEN, Germany: MPS will be exhibiting at next week’s IPM show in Essen where it anticipates strong interest in its services. Growers will not only be interested in the registration tool MPS-ABC, but also in the recently launched MPS-ProductProof. MPS-ProductProof is a transparency tool. It enables growers to show and guarantee that specific active ingredients will not be found on specific flowers and plants.

The interest in MPS’ products is especially expected from growers from emerging countries like Germany, United States and the Mediterranean countries Italy, Spain, Turkey.

There is a tendency that retailers are requiring more and more hard data from their suppliers instead of the possession of certain certificates. In the US, it is quite normal that a retailer has access to detailed, company specific data regarding the environmental footprint of a grower. MPS-ABC as well as MPS-ProductProof can be used to meet this demand for information on the cultivation of the products. Last autumn, MPS-ProductProof launched in the Netherlands and some Dutch growers are already using the tool. From this year on, MPS is keen to start international pilot projects with MPS-ProductProof as well. Should you be interested and/or wish to be informed on the possibilities, please don’t hesitate to visit the booth of MPS.

We’d like to get in touch with you and tell you all about MPS-ABC, MPS-ProductProof as well as our other products and services. As always, you will find the MPS booth at the BGI square. MPS booth number: D12.06 Hall 1. BGI is the German association of trading companies in floriculture.

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