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Posted On 19 Jan 2017
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tradeshow_flora_expo_pune_indiaPUNE, India:  After the US and China, India is becoming the world’s third-largest economy. With 1.2 billion people, India is the world’s third largest consumer base and fastest growing retail destination. Providing a boost to the country’s floral business is Flora Expo which is set to be held in Pune from February 24-26, 2017.

The increase per capita income in India has allowed certain people to lead a more lavish lifestyle. Flower decoration in homes gain popularity with this income upsurge.

Thus, flower consumption is growing at a tremendous rate of 30% per annum. Numerous festivals have been created to accommodate the growing demands of the floral market and have made India an up-and-coming floral powerhouse.

A huge domestic market accounts for this surge as do high-quality floral exports which give India a competitive edge. India, China, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, along with other countries of the region, make South Asia the world’s largest market and India is emerging as the world’s fastest growing flower and gardening market.

The country is poised to become an important flower trading center in this part of the world. Imports of flowers, seeds, bulbs, young plants, greenhouse technologies and gardening-related tools, accessories and equipment from all over the world are increasing every year because industry professionals in India are looking for new products, techniques and devices that are highly effective and cost-efficient to enhance their business.

For international exhibitors, the 12th annual International Flora Expo 2017 is the gateway to tap the huge potential of the South Asian market as year-round suppliers and consumers. Held in conjunction with the 11th International Landscape & Gardening Expo 2017, the 9th International Horti Expo 2017 and the third Agrex India, Flora Expo 2017 will take place in  Pune, Maharashtra.

India’s first export-oriented flower project was established in 1991 at Maval, Taluka, Pune by Tata group and celebrates 25 years in the Indian floriculture industry.

A group  of floriculture professionals along with Media Today Group will be organizing an international conference on commercial floriculture & greenhouse industry in conjunction with an industry awards ceremonyn during Flora Expo. This forum comprises all floriculture professionals who began their career from the inception of the industry in India.

The sole objective of this forum is to exchange knowledge, information, new findings, technological updates, product updates and market trends of the industry amongst professionals engaged in ongoing projects in India and abroad.

The early years were very difficult for the floriculture industry. Of the nearly 500 EOU’s registered only 100 have survived. Extraordinary efforts were vital in order to not only survive but also succeed in floriculture. Success was not easy: high prices were paid for the foreign technology necessary to move forward. Floriculture professionals worked hand in hand, day and night, to overcome various obstacles faced by the nascent export-oriented industry in the nineties. Those involved worked to ensure that foreign technology was adopted to local growing conditions. A lot has happened in the past 25 years, there has been tremendous growth in the global floral industry.

Per trade sources, India’s contribution to the global flower industry outside its own borders is significant. For example, annual exports from Kenya and Ethiopia total more than US$800800 million. Of this almost 70% is grown under the management of Indian supervision.

Maharashtra is a leading Indian state in commercial horticulture, floriculture and allied interests. It is the largest producer and exporter of many horticulture crops like grapes, pomegranates, mangoes, bananas, oranges, etc. and the largest cut flower and plant producing state in India. Greenhouses, an integral part of horticulture, were first introduced in India through Maharashtra. Talegaon Floriculture Park, situated near Pune, is a unique example of a cluster-based approach to floriculture in India. Pune has some of the largest floriculture production centers, spread across a 100-200 km radius. It has become a major hub for international breeders and plant propagators as well as the ultra-modern tissue culture labs for the horticulture and floriculture industry.

In the nursery and garden center trade, it is a major producer of high quality ornamental flowers, trees and potted plants. It also caters to the demand of the emerging landscape and vertical gardening industry. Additionally it enjoys a geographic advantage of being close to Mumbai, where India’s biggest perishable cargo complex exists, enabling quick export of these products. Enjoying these advantages, Pune has been Media Today’s prime choice for organizing Flora Expo 2017, the International Landscape & Gardening Expo, the International Horti Expo 2017 and Agrex India.

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