‘Too much Colombian roses coming in when New Zealand volume has come up’

Posted On 29 Dec 2016
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red-roses-view-from-top-of-red-roses-a-bouquet-of-red-roses-there-is-a665CANTERBURY, NZ: In Canterbury Ian Kempthorne of K&L Nurseries gives a good review of how he sees Canterbury conditions.

“The spring has had a lot of growth due to a bit of rain fall , actually we had more rain in spring than back in July. Our Gerbera crop is finished its spring replant and waiting to get the new colours before New Year.”

Wedding demand has only just picked up in the last couple of weeks which has meant for some soft market top prices. “School holiday sales were very weak and throw another earthquake in the mix and sales have dropped in some areas we send to and logistics have had a big shake up!  It’s a long way around to go north by truck.”

Rose prices have been a bit weak in recent months and Kempthorne thinks it can be put down to a couple of things. “Too many Columbian roses coming in when NZ volume has come up and secondly not a lot of demand for wedding colours early on. I have been told that weddings in Fiji etc are getting pushed and have the complete package but it means everything is going off shore! White wash was needed on the roofs early this year as the sun has been intense when we see it.”

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