Kate and Michelle Share Beauty Secrets: Plant folks, are you ready for a surge in Acmella oleracea demand?

Posted On 01 Dec 2016
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telegraph-20161116-1LONDON, UK: When the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton shares her beauty secrets with First Lady Michelle Obama, recommending a new, plant-based bio botox, the ornamental horticulture industry must be prepared for a surge in skin-saving plants.

A clever marketing idea or just talk between the two women? Whatever it may be, the fact is that the news about a magic and organic botox that keeps both Kate Middleton’s and Michelle Obama’s skin looking smooth and youthful is making headlines in the world of cosmetics, lifestyle magazines and showbizz gossip.

British newspapers such as The Independent and The Telegraph, as well as beauty and fashion magazines Vogue and Marie Claire, all detailed how Kate Middleton shared tips with Michelle Obama tips on how to stay young in a natural way when the royal couple hosted the Obamas at Kensington Palace in April.

Their miracle gel is a non-injectable organic botox, based on Acmella oleracea, also known as Spilanthes oleracea, a rather unusual evergreen, cited in 2015 by world-renowned garden designer and RHS judge Andrew Fisher as one of the upcoming trendy plants. Besides its cosmetic value, Acmella is an absolute showstopper in any garden with its exotic pom-pom flowers.

Interestingly, the plant is also dubbed the ‘toothache plant’ as it is said to contain natural anaesthetic and be the perfect cure for toothaches.

Over the next few months, Acmella will certainly lead the way for a multitude of other plant-based skin products. So the industry should be well-prepared for a surge in demand for ornamental Citrus (jam-packed with collagen-enhancing vitamin C), fibre-filled Malus, Papaya (alpha hydroxyl acids) and the miracle skin-saver and cactus plant Aloe vera.

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