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Posted On 12 Dec 2016
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2BOSKOOP, The Netherlands: A new and exclusive digging machine from Gerven has been specially designed for Boskoop based Rijnbeek & Son. Delivery was taken earlier this month for immediate work on bareroot lifting.

Arno Rijnbeek takes up the story. “We have a digging machine which goes on wheels, but the problem was it kept slipping away in the soft soil here in Boskoop. Shaking off the soil from the plants was not perfect, which meant we spent too much time trying to remove the soil from the plants.“

The aim of the new machine is that soil is removed easier from the plants within the machine so that growers save time on removing the plants from the field. “With an expansion in our area of bareroot plants this is important. The time we now save means we can start earlier in dividing the plants into the different sizes required by our customers. “

With the new machines going on tracks, instead of wheels, it can also handle the difficult soil profiles on the nursery. “The entire handling of the machine is with a remote control which makes it much more easier to drive. The early impressions have been excellent. My team are very happy with this addition to the nursery’s machinery and it has made bareroot lifting a real pleasure!”

For more information please visit www.rijnbeek.com and www.gerven-mechanisatie.nl

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