Chinese Online Florists Slowly But Surely Begin to Blossom

Posted On 22 Dec 2016
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201611230943373241GUANGZHOU, China: Chinese e-commerce industry has developed at a steady rate in recent years. Along with this progress, the security and reliability of e-commerce platforms have been gradually enhanced and, in turn, an increasing number of online florists have flourished. FCI welcomes its readers to the Top 10 China Flower Delivery Services.

Amongst the newcomers is 1-800 flowers, an American listed florist company with a market value of several hundred million dollars, is regarded as the model of future online florists. Even though there is still a long way to go for Chinese online florists, 1-800 flowers has set a clear path for the Chinese floral industry to follow to become a listed flower online company.

Based on data analysis, the list of China’s top ten online florists reveals that at present, the operating models of Chinese online florists vary. However, the majority of them have entered into an alliance with bricks and mortar stores to fulfill orders.

There are limitations with this model. Flower orders can be delivered to buyers in three hours, but the quality of flower and service will be of lower standards. That is why Chinese florist websites fail to be listed companies. To some extent, it is also because of poor promotion and lack of product optimization that the florists are in a losing proposition.

Given this dilemma, the majority of florist websites center on the direct sales marketing. In the next few years, it is believed that Chinese florist websites will embrace the transformation and upgrade their operation channels or models, and reap the benefits in order to develop into a big brand.

Check out our top 10 list below and follow our links to the websites of the featured companies.


As one of the earliest online florists in China, Haomeizi online florist has cultivated a dedicated customer base reputation. The website was established in 2008 with the company wishing to convey that they offer Valentine Day bouquets and flowers beautiful enough to bring couples together.

Haomeizi emphasizes the importance of quality products and service. Therefore, high-quality flowers, fashionable styles, reasonable prices and individualized service are their priorities.

In addition, the online florist offers 24-hour online order service. Due to the incredible shopping experience and well-established pre-sale / after-sale systems for consumers, the company is continually growing. And that is why Haomeizi was awarded the title of ‘Demonstration Unit for Credible Website’ and rated one of the Top 100 Customer Favorite Websites at the fifth Online Retail Annual Meeting.

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Salala florist website has suffered from a multitude of changes and instability. Owing to two changes of ownership, severe internal conflicts contradictions and even store closures, the negative effects on the company are palatable. Nevertheless, Salala has survived based on the strength of its acclaimed product and powerful teamwork. Now, Salala has made great strides in the industry. As the dedicated supplier of China Post Flower Express Service and partner of 1-800 flowers, Salala ranked second in China’s Top Ten Online Florists in 2016.

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#3 is operated by Shenzhen Baiyi Information Technology Co., Ltd. The website has performed phenominally due, in part, to a tremendous investment in online advertising, has performed well in both number of orders and customers.

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#4 is operated by Qingdao Firebird Information Technology Development Co., Ltd. According to Chinese search engine Baidu, once ranked first in advertisings, but now ranks second in this sector.

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#5 was established by Chongqing Huso Technology Development Co., Ltd. It has gained the trust of many customers and fulfills a high volume of orders as a result of the company’s sophisticated marketing strategy. However, is also burdened by complaints from customers during holidays and festivals for its inventory shortages.

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China Gift was founded by Shenzhen China Gift Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. It is a professional flower express company with ISO9001:2000 (described as a company adhering to specific requirements for a quality management system).

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#7   CNEFS/

CNEFS was taken over and is now managed by Shijiazhuang Zhonghua Hengyi Electronic Commercial Co., Ltd. It was awarded the Reliable Award of Top 100 Favorite Customer Websites in 2017.

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#8 is operated by Beijing 5288 Information Technology in a specialized operating model consisting of florist outlets, franchising florists, flower processing plants, phone order sales and online sales.

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#9 is operated by Beijing Technology Co., Ltd.. The founder also created the Salala florist website. is an acclaimed self-service trade platform for online florists.

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#10 is an online florist organized by Chinese flower shops. Established in 2004, has created a cooperative amongst the member florists.

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Author: Ron van der Ploeg, FloraCulture International.

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