Video goes behind the scenes of fully automated Chrysanthemum production in China

Posted On 17 Nov 2016
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img_7110_hoogendoorn-growth-management_lrBEIJING, China: In order to highlight the benefits and uses of a fully automated Chrysanthemum production process, Dutch automation expert Hoogendoorn released a video which offers an exciting behind-the-scenes look at one of China’s major Chrysanthemum growers, Beilangzhong Flower Centre located in Beijing’s Shunyi district.

Chrysanthemums are traditional Chinese flowers which the Chinese have adored for thousands of years. The flower symbolizes longevity and is often presented as a gift. It is therefore no surprise that the demand for more varieties and high quality Chrysanthemums is increasing.

Beilangzhong Flower Center has specialized in cutting and flower cultivation since 1998. To meet the growing demand for high quality, the company grows Chrysanthemums in an environmentally-friendly way in their advanced greenhouse. All their equipment communicates with each other with the use of intelligent automation. This provides Beilangzhong Flower Center with efficiency in labour, production, irrigation and energy use and cost savings. The company grows Chrysanthemums year-round and contributes to their community. The positive effects of their transformation from a traditional greenhouse to an advanced automated one is captured in the video.

Beilangzhong Flower Center, an affiliated enterprise of Beilangzhong Trade and Industry Group, grows Chrysanthemums on 3 ha surface and is expanding to meet the growing demand of the Chinese market. In four rounds per year, 880,000 plants are produced per round and harvested by their seven employees. In this automated greenhouse, the chrysanthemums are mainly produced for the local market. However, some of the flowers are exported to Russia. Since the Chinese chrysanthemum market is performing very well, Beilangzhong is expanding in order to meet the growing demands of the Chinese market.


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