Stolk Flora presents ‘Your Natural Orchid’

Posted On 02 Nov 2016
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Your Natural Orchid

BLEISWIJK, The Netherlands: Years before the retail sector and the Dutch government began to demand greater transparency and sustainability in the horticultural sector, the Dutch grower Jan Stolk, of Stolk Flora in Bleiswijk, was already making fundamental changes to his method of cultivating Phalaenopsis. Jan’s aim was to achieve a method that was as close as possible to nature. After years of perfecting his method, the results are now ready. The company’s two nurseries, which cover a total area of 6.1 hectares, now produce all their orchids 100% organically.

Presentation Stolk Flora will present ‘Your Natural Orchid’ at the Royal Flora Holland Trade Fair in Aalsmeer (2-4 November 2016, stand number 42.9). Waterdrinker’s Cash & Carry store will also be introducing the new product to customers in style. Stolk Flora’s butterfly orchids are cultivated using only organic nutrients for optimum soil viability. If any plant protection products are required during cultivation, exclusively organic and bee-friendly products are used. The new ‘licence to produce’ is MPS ProductProof certification and monitoring. Jan says: ‘I guarantee that there will not be the tiniest residue of chemicals on our plants.’

Respect ‘Making the transition to a 100% sustainable crop was something that I always knew in my heart that I had to do,’ explains Jan. ‘Our business is based on respect for people and for nature. We treat our staff in the way that we would like to be treated ourselves. We use no more energy and water than is needed and we also provide power for 3,000 households near the nursery. 100% of our rainwater is reused in the cultivation process. We store any water that is left over in a basin and filter it for reuse.’ Stolk Flora only buys sustainable products and 100% of our waste is recycled. ‘It just makes me feel better,’ says Stolk.

Clear quality All Stolk Flora’s plants, with their large flowers and bright colours, come in 12cm pots. Starting in November 2016, the Cash & Carry stores will be supplied in a new four-cell cardboard tray. The display tray matches the look and feel of ‘Your Natural Orchid’, and the organic plant label includes care tips for consumers. The product will also still be available in the regular 10-cell trays. Jan Stolk: ‘Because of the significantly longer shelf life of our organic Phalaenopsis, we expect to target repeat purchases by consumers.’
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