Seven green start-ups begin in Let it Grow Lab

Posted On 01 Nov 2016
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royal_floraholland_let-it-grow-lab-opening-hires-12_455x256AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands: On Monday, 24 October 2016, the opening of the Let it Grow Lab was held in B.2 Amsterdam. The first green start-ups of the incubation programme of Let it Grow presented themselves that afternoon. The total of seven teams have a common mission, namely positively influencing urban life with flowers and plants. Each has their own way, with a creative content and commercial insight.

To help the participants’ initiatives to flourish, they are being supported for five months in a customised incubation programme.

“With our fully automated seed tray, you don’t need green thumbs to grow your own cress. Before you know it, you are already on the way to a delicious meal.” Toon Roozen and Ewout Goldberg, founders of Grown.

“Spontaneous vegetation is urban nature. The city needs wild plants. We hack the pavement tiles!” Bennie Meek and Vincent Wittenberg, founders of Gewildgroei.

“Our shop is the basis, but Wildernis is more: we are on a mission. Amsterdam must become greener – at home, in the parks, on balconies and roofs.” Mila van de Wall, founder of Wildernis.

“Special plants delivered directly from sustainable growers to your home, and our app will help you keep them green. The sustainable solution for making houses and balconies green.” Suzanne van Straaten, founder of Sprinklr.

“Our sensor and app keep your plants green and tell you how to do that at the right time.” Martijn Lukaart, founder of Gardian.

“The Living Light is an atmospheric lamp that obtains its energy from the plant. It is a magical technology, a first step towards a future in which plants form part of our energy provision.” Ermi van Oers, founder of Living Light.

“Thanks to an innovative information system, gardens are maintained more efficiently, easily and effectively. The result is lovelier gardens.” René Voogt, founder of ConnectedGarden.

Silke Tijkotte from Let it Grow explains, “The Let it Grow Lab is the first incubator in the world targeting flowers and plants. It is a unique place for creative and ambitious entrepreneurs with plans to improve the quality of life in the city with flowers and plants. We feel that this is only the beginning, and Let it Grow will become the international innovation platform inspiring promising start-ups and supporting their growth.”

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