Sardinia Cashes in on Flower Power with New Cut Botanical

Posted On 17 Nov 2016
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smeralda-4CERNOBBIO, Italy: Twelve Energy’s brand new cut foliage Smeralda Green Show is set to wow floral wholesalers and retail florists alike and will give any floral arrangement an eye-catching flair.

True rose connoisseurs wouldn’t bat an eye at roses that are completely thorn-less and will come  immediately up with garden varieties bearing evocative and romantic names such as Zéphirine Drouhin , Ghislaine de Féligonde and Kathleen Harrop. But thornless roses grown inside a photovoltaic greenhouse in Sardinia and mainly for their lush green foliage and their somewhat contorted decorative branches instead for their blooms? That’s bound to raise some eyebrows.

And that’s what Italian rose breeder Patrucco, the breeder of the famous Dallas rose, has in mind with one of his latest creations,  Rosa Smeralda Green Show’ that launched this month at the IFTF show in the Netherlands. It’s sure to seduce Dutch exporters and their customers from abroad with its irresistible natural looks, its extra-long branches easily reaching 60, 70, 80, 90 cms or even longer if there’s demand.

“’Smeralda Green Show’ is a descendant of the Rosa canina family, commonly known as the dog-rose. It is a vigorous, arching shrub with dark green foliage that can grow1cm a day. This new cut botanical makes for a perfect filler in large bouquets and arrangements and has some blood of Corallo Erecta TM Patfru inside, one of our most successful lines of rose hips. As such thorns are completely absent, whereas its 15 to 20 day shelf life is equally impressive, provided that stems have received the right post harvest treatment,” said Sergio Patrucco.

Over the past few years, Patrucco from Imperia, Italy, earned a solid reputation for creating  a line of rose varieties with hips that are more decorative than the flowers. A firm favourite amongst industry professionals, for example, are the Corallo and Zaffiro varieties featuring  strong bearing graceful hips. This time, however, Smeralda Green Show differentiates itself by the combination of dark green, lush foliage and long, curling and sturdy stems. According to Italian top florists Marco Introini, Rudy Casati and Anna Tacca Smeralda Green Show has the potential to become the ultimate, inexpensive filler flower to give bouquets and arrangements a natural look. It will add textural contrast, volume and artful dimension to any arrangement.

Smeralda Green Show is grown on the beautiful island of Sardinia, in the tiny town of Villasor, near Cagliari where 23ha of solar photovoltaic greenhouses provide Twelve Energy a prime location to grow an estimated  2.5 million stems annually.

The brand new cut botanical has been developed in partnership with Twelve Energy, an Italo-Indian company that created what is said to be one of the world’s largest solar photovoltaic plants, sprawling across the town’s fertile fields: over 84,000 solar panels sit atop the roofs of 134 greenhouses, in which the owners had promised to grow vegetables. They now host a variety of crops: garden roses, rose mini trees, cut roses, rose hips, bud wood and bare rooted plants.

Author: Ron van der Ploeg

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