RHP develops revolutionary method for steady soil blocks

Posted On 03 Nov 2016
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rhp_knowledge-center-for-substrates_pressure-testing-machineWESTLAND, The Netherlands: Over 10 billion soil blocks are produced yearly for cultivating chrysanthemum cuttings and various vegetable plants. The biggest challenge is the guarantee of the sturdiness of the soil blocks, considering the development of new raw materials and other compositions. The measuring method developed by RHP consists of three parts: a simulation of the blocking, recommended values for the quality requirements of the blocking compost and user’s manual for the growers of young plants.

The past few years the knowledge centre for growing media has performed intensive research concerning the problems and future challenges for soil blocks. The gained knowledge in sturdiness, volume and air content will avoid and explain many practical problems during blocking more than 1 billion m3 blocking compost. The soil block method provides RHP certified companies the possibility to survey the quality of the blocking compost and to develop it further.

RHP certified substrates guarantee an optimal start of the culture. The RHP quality mark guarantees that the substrate meets the right quality requirements for water and air content, pH and for example EC. It also guarantees that the substrate is pure and clean and that it can be used without risks for the culture. The RHP quality mark guarantees the quality of growing media in the chain, from raw materials production until processing and delivery at the company of the user. Since1963, RHP has been the European knowledge centre for substrates (growing media).

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