NethWork and Landivar University partner to launch ‘first of its kind’ Master of Protected Horticulture Studies in Guatemala

Posted On 24 Nov 2016
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GUATAMALA CITY: NethWork, a Dutch cluster of complementary horticultural companies is proud to announce that its educational partner, University Rafael Landivar, is launching a unique Master Programme on protected horticulture starting from July 2017.

NethWork supports the sustainable development of the horticultural market in Central America, by developing various projects and activities in cooperation with strong local partners. NethWork started in 2011. Projects in Guatemala include:

–             Journey 2 Sustainability

–             Ter Laak AmericaS

–             Holland Orchids

Besides the setup of these projects, NethWork has put a lot of emphasis on the exchange of knowledge by means of Executive Managers Trainings (2 or 3 weeks each) in the Netherlands and Roadshows in Central America. During this week, the 3rd NethWork Roadshow focuses on ‘progress as a result of tailor made educational programs’ (Guatemala), ‘facilitating a new sector: horticulture’ (Nicaragua) and ‘added value instead of cost leadership’ (Costa Rica).

Guatemala can yet be regarded as an ‘established’ horticultural producer, although many issues still can be improved. On a technical level, many companies have made great progress, but building up sufficient knowledge (technical and practical) is still a major challenge. Education is, of course, the answer.

Partner University ‘Rafael Landivar’ has cooperated closely with NethWork in the past five years, both in Guatemala and in the Netherlands. Via NethWork, contacts have been established with HAS University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. Thanks to their close cooperation, this new Master program on protected horticulture has become a unique reality in Latin America.

On Monday, the 21st of November, various members of NethWork signed a Letter of Interest with URL to contribute to the future success of this new program. Invited by NethWork, other Dutch companies like Dümmen Orange, Rijk Zwaan, Ter Laak AmericaS and Holland Orchids also signed. A round table conference organised at the URL has already led to the first bilateral actions that will be taken between URL and the mentioned companies.

For more information please contact Adolfo Ottoniel Monterroso (Dean of Faculty Environmental and Agricultural Sciences)  or Ed Smit (Coordinator NethWork / Director Ideas – Ideavelop)


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