Dümmen Orange takes its assortment online and renews its website

Posted On 11 Nov 2016
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dummen-orangeDE LIER, The Netherlands:  On November 1st 2016, Dümmen Orange® took the next step in uniting the world through the language of flowers as the company launched its online product catalogue and renewed website.

The new platform will offer regional news, is available in 9 languages, has a completely new design, gives access to product information and shows real time availability.

Dümmen Orange is widely known for its continuous breeding efforts that result in one of the most superior collections of flowers and plants on earth. Although breeding is at the core of the company’s business, Dümmen Orange also recognizes the important roles of supply chain, marketing and customer service. Continuously improving these processes is at the core of the company’s business, also online. Dümmen Orange’s new online platform will set a new standard of excellence.

Dümmen Orange embraces the importance of technological advancement in the digital age. The company’s renewed website will offer new features for its customers. Most products have been incorporated into an online catalogue that offers distinguishing features such as easy filtering and live availability tracking. It gives customers a convenient digital way to get the same information as our current print catalogue, and more. The assortment shows regional availability, giving customers access to relevant information. The catalogue module also allows customers to pick their products and save and view their selections. With direct access to our production software customers can get insight in availability. We will continue to build our assortment online so all products are accessible digitally.

The new website will become available in 9 languages and is specifically targeted towards 10 different regions in the world. This allows for a personalized experience where visitors will see regionally relevant products, job openings, global events and news. A global platform that combines all information from all regions will be available as well. The content can be viewed on all mobile devices and different browsers.

Dümmen Orange will continue to develop the website and incorporate new features that offer customers a customized experience with product information, availability of stock and live product tracking worldwide. Our ambition is to have the widest assortment available for customers and other partners. With the launch of the new company website, Dümmen Orange will also redirect current subsidiary websites such as fides.nl and redfox.com. Dümmen Orange looks forward to welcoming you on their new website.

See what’s blooming at www.dummenorange.com

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