Patent war rages over Europe’s crop diversity

Posted On 27 Oct 2016
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vegetables_cherry_tomato_durham_pinkcherriesBRUSSELS, Belgium: Political news organisation Politico provides an update on the imminent EU legal opinion on food patents. Especially smaller businesses fear that agrichemical giants such as Monsanto and Syngenta will be able to monopolize varieties of staples like carrots and broccoli. Simon Marks reports from Brussels.

The European Commission is expected to issue an opinion before the end of the year to clarify ambiguities in EU law over the extent to which food products can be patented. The forthcoming decision has sparked a flurry of 11th-hour lobbying from industry and green campaigners.

The debate hinges on the nature of the innovation and whether the plant breeding techniques constitute genetic modification, or involve processes that are seen as altered or accelerated versions of more natural, biological processes.

Source: Politico, author: Simon Marks

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