New Eye-Catching Orange Mini-Rose on Display at IFTF

Posted On 31 Oct 2016
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img_2703SABRO, Denmark: Orange is the colour of the Netherlands. But it is also the colour of the best mini-rose to be introduced in 2017, bred by Rosa Eskelund, Roses Forever.

Each year Roses Forever  intensively tests around 400-500 brand  new mini-roses from thousands of the best selected sprouts from the breeding greenhouse. Testing the selected  mini-roses takes over 2 years. “By then we have seen these flowering more than twenty-four times and they have been grown during all seasons and are tested thoroughly,” says Rosa Eskelund, owner and rose breeder of Roses Forever, Denmark.


“It is important that the production test is not run in an incubator and that all the best new mini-roses run through an effective normal production nursery, with all the daily challenges,” says Harley Eskelund, who is responsible for the production tests in the mini-rose production nursery in Denmark.

After two years when the tests are finished, only a few are good enough to enter the market and can then be offered to licensed growers around the world.

“Beautiful is not enough,” Harley continues, “Rosa brings in a lot of very nice ones to be tested and this is very good, because out of many there will always be more chances to find some which can become bestsellers, as happened with the Infinity® roses.


To become a bestseller, a ‘world star’ you can say, in a mini-rose,  one variety needs to have all the essential criteria, which means: beautiful eye-catching flowers with shiny leaves, easy to grow and long lasting flowers.

Then both growers and consumers are happy.

And all this is included in the new orange mini-rose which will be  shown for the first time next week at the IFTF show Roses Forever booth B2.31 in the Netherlands.


The name of this rose will be a secret until the next show: IPM in Essen, Germany.

Visitors will also have a first-look at the best new introductions for  2017, including the first truly scented mini-rose, which will be a hit Forever.

For more information, please contact

Rosa Eskelund

Roses Forever ApS

phone + 45 51 57 19 90

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