Gaultheria Gaulthier Pearl wins Best in Show at Grootgroenplus

Posted On 20 Oct 2016
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gaulthier-pearl-1IJSSELSTEIN, The Netherlands:  Gaultheria procumbens GAULTHIER PEARL® (‘SpecGP11’PBR) has been named Best Novelty 2016 at GrootGroenPlus. The promising newcomer, bred by Special Plant Zundert and managed by Plantipp, wowed the expert jury with its unique pearly white berries. “A unique and very handsome variety with white fruits. Unique and innovating”, the KVBC judging report says.

GAULTHIER PEARL makes a fresh and distinctive addition to a range of Gaultheria varieties on offer that mainly produce red berries. The characteristics of GAULTHIER PEARL can be translated into three selling points that meet today’s trends. These points make it easy for growers and garden centres to market GAULTHIER PEARL to the end-consumer. The three selling points are:

  1. Decorative (pearly white berries)
  2. Edible (the berries can be consumed when processed in jams, pies etc.)
  3. Versatile (the Gaultheria plant is for in- and outdoor use)

Next to GAULTHIER PEARL another three varieties represented by Plantipp were awarded at GrootGroenPlus.

A Gold Medal was given to Microbiota decussata ‘Lucas’PBR, bred by Lucassen. The jury is unanimous:  “The plant shape of ‘Lucas’ is distinguishable and innovative, as well as its more upright growth habit compared to other M. decussata.”  The jury was also impressed by the fine structured foliage and soft green colour that makes this variety easy to combine.

Loropetalum chinense Ruby Runner (‘2010.009’PBR), bred by PDSI, won a Silver Medal. The expert jury comments: “Very deep foliage colours, combined with good warm flower colours.”  Furthermore the jury members pointed out Ruby Runner being a well-shaped plant.

Breeder Maarten Bloemen received a Silver Medal for Vaccinium vitis-idea Fireballs (‘Lirome’PBR). “More vigorous and tougher than other varieties.” says the judging report. The jury also adds: “The edible fruits are an extra value to this plant.”

Plantipp is specialized in royalty management and represents breeders of new ornamental plant varieties worldwide. Currently 500 varieties are managed and promoted in Europe, U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, South-Korea, China, Japan, Israel and South Africa. Plantipp has a passion for plants and respect for its breeders.

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