Dutch Gerbera grower LG Flowers to launch fully automated processing system

Posted On 31 Oct 2016
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orn_gerbera_cornicePIJNACKER, The Netherlands: Dutch Gerbera grower LG Flowers today announced it has teamed up with WPS, a leading provider of automation solutions for the ornamental horticulture industry, to fit its business with a fully automated processing system. The system will be designed to increase productivity, lower costs and improve revenues.

The processing system starts with the fully automated collection of flower buckets from the pipe rail trolleys. Relevant flower properties taken from the Nitea registration system are connected to WPS software, thereby eliminating the need for camera assessment. An upper level has been created for buffering buckets to retain a maximum of space on the production floor below. This buffer provides working stock for one hour. Buckets with flowers in the buffer zone can be transported to one of the three cut flower bunching machines or to the bouquet processing lines, as required. A continuous supply to the bunching machines reduces labour requirements considerably. The workplace subsequently becomes a much more ergonomic place for employees hooking flowers into the processing lines, which in turn improves the utilisation rate of the bunching machines substantially.

Extensive automation is not yet par for the course in the cut flower sector. WPS has built its reputation on offering solutions to the potted plant industry. The system to be implemented at LG Flowers makes use of modules that have been proven within potted plant companies. Worldwide, WPS has put more than 150 automation solutions in place, including conveyor belts, and sorting and delivery systems with camera assessment.

WPS has identified a market for logistics systems at cut flower production companies. LG Flowers chose WPS as a supplier for the total package provided by WPS, including logistics consultation and full project realization, and also comprising a proven software package and a proven service department. cut flowers.

The processing system will be installed at LG Flowers at the start of 2017.

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