Boosting Calla and Anthurium revenues through FloraMondo pre-sales

Posted On 20 Oct 2016
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mood_sales_Royal_FloraHolland_FloraMondoAALSMEER, The Netherlands: Following up with grower members and their buyers, Royal FloraHolland will run a test to see how a higher limit for FloraMondo pre sales can boost sales of Calla and Anthurium

The auction would like to increase the maximum sales percentage for Auction Presales from 34% to 70%. This is in response to the wish expressed by growers and buyers to be able to trade more via the FloraMondo sales platform The pilot will kick off on October 20 to be evaluated in the first week of January 2017.

On Thursday, October 20, 2016, the 70% limit for these two products will be automatically set in the FloraMondo Auction Presales systems. The change will make 70% of the daily Calla and Anthurium supply available.

FloraMondo users do not have to do anything for this. If a grower would prefer to offer a smaller number of containers, he can always lower this percentage. Offering more than 70% is not possible. Buyers can see automatically what quantities can be bought via Auction Presales.

This and other experiments and the experience that we obtain are important for the development of The New Auctioning. It’s a plan to design the future of auctioning in another way: a virtual, national clock in combination with a 24/7 trade platform.

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