Tehran has plans to install Dutch-style auction clock

Posted On 01 Sep 2016
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country_iran_flower_auction_islamshahr_tehranTEHRAN, Iran: In 2006, the Iran Trade Promotion Organization (EPO) approved the launch of four flower markets in Tehran (Islamshahr), Markazi (Mahallat) and Khuzestan (Dezful) and Mazandaran (Tonekabon). Ten years on and construction of the warehouses/logistics hubs is underway with the one in Tehran expected to be completed next year.

Mr Pejman Azadi, President of the Iranian Society for Ornamental Plants (ISOP) told FloraCulture International that the warehouses will serve both domestic and export sales. There are plans to install a Dutch-style auction clock at the 115, 000m2 Islamshahr location in Tehran province, which has been granted an important subsidy from the government this year. He added that the person in charge, the chief executive of the Union of Flower and Plant Producers and Sellers is currently doing his utmost to complete the project by the end of 2016.

The new buildings are set to boost both to boost sales of Iranian flowers and plants both at home and abroad. One should consider the country’s advantages such as climatic diversity, high production capacity, talented human resources and its proximity to important markets in the Persian Gulf and Central Asian region and Russia. In order to boost export of flowers and plants a strategic plan has been compiled.

Author: Ron van der Ploeg

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