Slovenia rolls out impressive flower carpet ahead of Grandparents’ Day

Posted On 29 Sep 2016
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events_grand_parents_day_sloveniaLJUBLANA, Slovenia: Students from the Biotechnical Centre Naklo led by dr Sabina Šegula today joined forces in adding the final touches to an impressive 107m2 flower carpet. The floral extravaganza marked the upcoming celebration of the international Grandparents’Day on October 2.

The leitmotif of grandmother and grandfather was created by the students of the secondary school programme Horticultural Technician from the group of the talented florists. The remaining 100m2 were professionnaly and patiently created by the students of the Higher School programme Horticulture. The main sponsors of the project were Arboretum, Volčji potok and Smithers OASIS from Slovenia.

The work started on 11th September in memory of the terrible events that took place 15 years ago in New York. The key message of this international project is an  intergenerational cooperation. Taking time for a fellow human being is a basic social value and it is our task to keep saying it once and again. Therefore, on the last day  some make-a- bouquet workshops were organized together with the first year pupils. What’s more, we were there to delight our visitors with the bouquets created at our workshops.

Over 22 students (tertiary education) and 5 students (secondary education) were building the carpet for five days, eight hours per day, which adds up to one thousand hours of work (floral foam placement, gathering the seasonal flowers, inserting the flowers into the foam, grass arrangements).

The basis of the flower carpet is the foam for fresh flowers. Each flower and each leave had to be cut by a sharp knife and inserted into the foam. There is a space of 2 cm between the petals and the foam so that the flowers do not rot and they can last for a longer period.

To cover up the flower carpet we used 25,000 seasonal flowers, 2,000 lady’s mantle’s leaves, 50m2 of grass and 4m2 of colour foams for the fresh flowers.

The flower carpet of superlatives shall keep its splendour for the following ten days and its leitmotif shall be seen even later. Naturally, it all depends on weather and the visitors who are supposed to admire the carpet only from its edge and not walk over it.

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